Our Signature Coffee

Koi - Our medium roasted Peruvian coffee.

The Coffee

Our coffee is sourced from Peru. More specifically, from within the Utcubamba & Luya regions of Peru. This washed organic coffee is ethically sourced, and the farm cooperative takes pride in ensuring that their members receive fair prices for their coffee, as well a protecting the environment.

The Roast

When we decided on the medium roast for this coffee we were looking for a few things. We wanted to bring the best flavors out of the coffee, as well as make a product that was approachable no matter where you are in your coffee journey. We wanted to let the coffee shine and give you a familiar but elevated experience.

Koi Coffee


(12oz Bag)

What People Are Saying

The reviews are in!

It's absolutely amazing! So smooth and the taste is excellent.

It's definitely one of my favorite coffees, and I'll want to make sure I always have some on hand!


It's really good. Its very smooth and is great iced.


Smells amazing, and tastes even better!

It has a smooth taste and doesn't bother my sensitive stomach.


We made cold brew and HOLY COW it was—no joke—the best we have ever had. So tasty.



My Dad

EXCELLENT coffee!! It's refreshing to have a medium roast this good!

Looking forward to many more cups!


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