Why Koi Coffee?

Koi Coffee was founded in Edwardsville Illinois in 2021 by Micah and Kim Ilbery. Koi Coffee was brought about by Micah's passion for coffee and his desire to share that passion with others. Micah believes that coffee doesn't have to just be a utility, that it can be an enjoyable experience. Something that can be a ritual in your day. We believe that coffee can bring about positive change in peoples lives and we want to be a part of that change. These are the reasons why we started Koi Coffee.

As for why we chose the name Koi Coffee, we once heard an old legend that a koi fish swam up China's Yellow River and when it reached the waterfall at the end, it jumped for 100 years to reach the top and became a golden dragon. Because of this, the koi is a symbol of endurance and perseverance, that if you don't give up, you will come out stronger. That's what Koi Coffee is to us. It's us never giving up and persevering. It's us following our dreams and building something better for ourselves and hopefully improving the lives of others on the way. We are excited and honored to serve you!

Who is Koi Coffee?

Micah Ilbery

Micah Ilbery

Founder & Roaster

Husband, father, and coffee nerd; Micah is the founder of Koi coffee, as well as the head roaster of the company. Micah loves coffee and has filled his life with all things coffee! He believes that coffee can be an experience not just a utility and wants to share those experiences. From pour-over to espresso, Micah enjoys the rituals and science of roasting and brewing coffee.

Kim Ilbery

Kim Ilbery

Founder & Operations Manager

Wife, mother, book lover, and long-distance runner; Kim is the co-founder of Koi coffee and is the brains behind the company. Kim loves spreadsheets and the logistics of operations, which made her the perfect candidate to be our Operations Manager and Staff Accountant. Once not a coffee drinker, Kim now has seen that not all coffee is created equal and enjoys a cup almost daily.

And a special thank you to the friends and family who supported and continue to support us along the way. We couldn't do this without you.

Our Mission

Our mission at Koi Coffee is to give each customer the best possible coffee experience by offering consistent and quality products that we believe in. We believe that coffee doesn't have to be a utility only used to get us through the day, but an experience to be enjoyed and shared. We want to provide the resources for our customers to achieve that higher experience, should they choose. We strive not only for quality, but traceability and sustainability. We source our coffee from suppliers we trust and try our best to make sure that fair practices are used in the sourcing and the farmers are receiving fair prices for their crop.

We hope to use this coffee business to be present in, and leave a positive impact on our community in whatever ways we can. We hope to be able to support causes we believe in and use our time and resources to give back.