Growing Pains

Growing Pains

You've been asking... and we've been listening.

First of all, we would like to point you to our website, to check out our new features. Micah has worked hard to switch our store over on the back-end, and to name a few features, we can now offer:

  • a better checkout experience
  • accurate shipping calculating
  • coffee subscriptions


Along with the (slightly different looking) website, we have more news...

We are proud to introduce, not one, not two, but three new coffees!

Micah spent his birthday this year behind a coffee roaster finishing the development of our decaf, light roast, and dark roast coffees.

Along with 3 more varieties of coffee, you might notice the name change of our Medium Roast Peru, previously just called "Koi", we realized this naming scheme would no longer fit our growing product line, so we took this time to dive into some Koi fish lore, and have chosen names of Koi fish species that somehow match the coffees they represent. Let me explain.

Kohaku- this is the new name of our Medium Roast coffee. Kohaku Koi are what most people imagine in their minds when you mention a Koi fish. This is the classic orange/white Koi fish. Since our medium roast is what we started with, this is the coffee that most of you know us by, the most common coffee that we offer.


Kujaku- this is the name given to our dark roast. The Kujaku Koi fish looks like the classic orange/white Koi Fish (called Kohaku) but it has dark outlined scales. It's the familiar Koi fish, just a bit darker in color. A dark-roast coffee is classified as such if that coffee goes through something called "second crack". Our coffee is roasted to where it just hits this process. Since our dark roast is not super-dark, you still get the familiar coffee flavor(s) like in our medium roast, but with some roasted/smoky tasting notes, so this seemed to fit perfectly.


Ogon- this is the name given to our light roast coffee. Ogon Koi fish are a bright orange/platinum color, and very friendly fish. With their light color and good-natured temperament, we thought this would match our light roast coffee well.

And last, but not least, we have Soragoi. Hard to say, yes, but this type of Koi fish is the most laid back and least temperamental of all the species of Koi. This fit our decaf aesthetic so perfectly, we had to use it.

To make this even better, we have also added some really nice ceramic speckled mugs to our inventory, that will be sold at our in-person events throughout the fall/autumn season. If they sell, we will be ordering more in a variety of colors!

I think that is all of the announcements for now, make sure to keep an eye on the blog as we introduce each coffee in more detail for those that want to know exactly what they're drinking and where they came from.


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